The Teamwork Behind Staging Your Home For Top Dollar

Dated: 04/09/2020

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When you get ready to place your home on the market for sale, it becomes a product. Just like any product on the shelves at your local store; it has features and benefits, pluses and minuses and there are other products to compete with. To gain an edge in your marketplace you MUST be priced right and look better than the competition. Sometimes it’s dicult to think of your home as a mere product, but it helps to think that way so that you get top dollar for your home and sell it in a reasonable amount of time. This is exactly why all of our listings include a staging visit and report with every home we list, setting every home up to experience success!

Home Staging is NOT decorating, flung, interior design or redesign. Instead, the goal of staging a house is to make it appear larger, brighter and more inviting by detailing, decluttering, depersonalizing and neutralizing to appeal to the masses so potential buyers can “see” themselves living there. It is our TOP goal to get you the most money for your house, and that is why we include a staging visit and report with all of our listings as a part of our service to you.
Staging = Top Dollar for your home.

Our experienced staging consultant knows the special boost your property will need. Our stagers know what buyers are looking for and how the home needs to look for showings and photos, and what will make it look the best in the eyes of buyers. The way you live in your home and the way you market and sell your house are two dierent things. Professional staging consultations cost between $200 and $500, depending on the size of the home. Because our team understands the importance and value in staging, we include this staging visit and report with every listing as part of our service to you.

To deliver you a room by room staging report, our staging expert will visit your home, go through each room, to understand the current condition of your property and how you are using your space. Our stager is specifically focused on working with what you have in your home and making impactful, reasonable, and aordable recommendations. This initial visit should only take 10-15 minutes. The stager will walk through the home, make notes, and take some photos to use as notes for when she creates your written report. The stager then creates your room by room report back at the once. 

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