The Home Selling Marketing Plan That Works in Owosso MI

Dated: December 8 2020

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Did you know that marketing is a crucial part of the home selling process? In this video, I’m going to explain how properly marketing your home includes much more than listing it on the MLS and sticking a sign in your yard. By presenting your house in the best light and targeting your ideal buyer, we’ll be able to get you top dollar on your home sale.

Preparing Your Home

Any real estate agent can put your listing on the MLS, pop a sign in the yard, and wait for a buyer to show up. A lot of my colleagues are not going to love what I'm about to tell you, but it's the truth: this is what the vast majority of real estate agents do. However, that's not what we do here at the Jeff McIntyre Group.

While there are many different ways to sell a property these days, using the right agent to market your home can get you the most money in a reasonable amount of time. Before we can begin marketing your house, though, we need to take steps to make it look even better than it does now. 

First, we’ll need to go through the house, decluttering and rearranging some things. This is because the way you sell a house is very different than the way you live in a house. It’s also an important step to complete before we take any pictures and video. Since your first showing is going to take place online, making a good first impression on the internet is crucial.

The Pre-Listing Inspection

One of the first things we'd like to do is schedule a consultation with our team stager. She will give you a 10 item list on how to prepare your home so it appeals to the most buyers possible. The next thing we do is a pre-listing inspection. 

We have teamed up with a local and reputable home inspector who will give you an idea of items that may need repair. They know all the things buyers and appraisers look for, and it’s easier to fix issues in advance of showing the home. This avoids any pitfalls down the road, which can save you thousands of dollars in the process of selling your home. 

There are many more benefits to the pre-listing inspection, but the idea is to prepare your home as best as possible. It also removes any surprises from the process. This is our bulletproof listing process. 

Photos And Videos

Once the house is ready to be shown, this is where we're going to showcase it with professional photography and high-end video. Even though you think your house might look good, we're going to make it look even better.

They say that the camera adds 10 pounds. Well, why not add 10% to your selling price? That’s what professional pictures and videos will do for you. Remember, taking listing photos with a cell phone is a big no-no. You might as well take the photos with a Polaroid picture and send them in the mail. Rather, you want to hire a professional to best showcase your house. 

Properties with high definition photography sell 45% faster, and they also sell much closer to their asking price. The pictures will show off the main selling points and features of your home, while the video does the exact opposite. The video is going to offer the buyer a walkthrough of the home so they can understand the flow and the floor plan and how it feels on the inside.

Listing Your Property

Once we have your home's videos and photos ready to go, it's time to get your property and its features online. Your home is going to be featured on all of the national, big websites. The top four real estate websites that your home will be on will be, Trulia, Zillow, and And of course, don't forget the most visited local website:

In addition to all the consumer-facing websites, your home will also be listed on the multiple listing service, or MLS. This is where real estate agents will have access to the property so they can share it with their pool of buyers. Since the vast majority of buyers are represented by a real estate agent, this will give access to all of those buyers as well. 

Social Media Marketing

The next step in the process is social media. Posting your listing to sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram is how we're going to generate that initial buzz and interest. Plus, using social media to advertise your listing allows us to get thousands of eyeballs on your listing using ads. In the last few years, social media advertising has become a huge part of our success. One of the strategies we like to use most is targeted marketing. 

Let’s use a fishing analogy here. Let’s say we're going to charter a boat out of Luddington in Lake Michigan. One way we could fish is to drag a net for 4 hours, come back to the Marina, and sift through that net to find bass, perch, trout, and salmon. But let's say salmon represents the right buyer for your home. Instead of dragging that huge net all across the lake for 4 hours or so, why wouldn't we just use salmon lures? Or better yet, many salmon lures so that we know we are only catching salmon?

 Again, we want to go after the right buyers, not all buyers. This is important because you stand to make the most amount of money when you're able to sell your house in the shortest amount of time. Short market time equals more money in your pocket. 

Traditional Marketing

Now that we have your home ready for online advertising, let's talk about what we're going to do in front of the house. While it shouldn’t be the only thing an agent does, signage is still important. We utilize a classic colonial t-pole sign, which stands out better than the typical full-framed yard sign. On that sign, we feature, which is a fully mobile website that allows the buyer to view the listing while they're standing right in front of the house.

Once your home is listed, we must create a buzz within the first two weeks. This is when you stand to make the most money and get top dollar for your home. To achieve this goal, we're going to do things like open houses, broker open houses, and a bunch of different media buzz type activities to draw attention to your home. This will lead us to the right buyer and, hopefully, result in getting the perfect offer.

I hope this video helped you get some insight on what goes on behind the scenes of successful marketing of your listing. Of course, we didn't cover all the specifics, but if you'd like to know more, I'd be happy to answer all your questions. Feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to connect.

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