The Good and Bad of Mid-Michigan

Dated: May 11 2020

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Are you considering making a move to Shiawassee County and the surrounding areas, but you just want to talk to somebody and get real honest answers about what it's like to live there? Hey everybody, I'm Jeff McIntyre. At Homefield Advantage, we give you the inside scoop on everything mid-Michigan. So if that's something you're interested in, make sure you click and subscribe above.

On this episode of Homefield Advantage, I'm going to give you the good, the bad, and the ugly of what it's like to live in Shiawassee County. Let's start with the good.

The good start with affordable housing. In 2019 the average sale price in Shiawassee County was just under $140,000. The city of Owosso's average sale price in 2019 was just under $125,000. And I would be making a huge mistake if I didn't talk about downtown. All of Shiawassee County's communities have these incredible little downtowns. Not these strip mall type downtowns with no character; we're talking about classic downtown with brick buildings that were built at the turn of a century.

So now that you know what's awesome, let's talk about the bad.

Can you believe that every once in a while on Saturday mornings in particular when the weather is good, that you can't find a parking space right in front of the store that you're hoping to shop at? No, that's right. You might have to walk a block, maybe even two blocks to get to the store you're hoping to shop. Do you know what that does though? That forces you to walk around these awesome little downtowns and visit the boutique shops and the service businesses and the restaurants that we have in our downtown. So while it's bad, it's not so bad. I'm actually joking. This is a good thing. We have these thriving downtowns in almost all of Shiawassee County's communities.

No place is perfect, so let's talk about the ugly and what I hate most about living in mid-Michigan.

It's the people. People are just too helpful. Can you believe that almost all of the local residents and business owners just want to see everybody succeed? The other thing is there is stuff for people of all ages to do around here. All ages. The other thing I hate about living in mid-Michigan is that people just want to take care of their own. It's absolutely absurd and appalling. Seriously, there are things like volunteerism, nonprofit organizations, and just small groups of people that organize and figure out ways to help people that need it. Ah, it's crazy.

Well, I hope this video gave you some good ideas about what it's like to live in mid-Michigan. If you should have any additional questions about what it's like to live in Shiawassee County or any other real estate related questions, don't hesitate to give me a call. Thanks for watching. I'm Jeff McIntyre with the Jeff McIntyre Group at eXp Realty in downtown Owosso.

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