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Dated: 10/31/2018

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When a buyer writes a letter to the seller of the house they are writing an offer on- it is an opportunity for the buyer to appeal to the emotional side of selling a home. 

Being able to make a connection to the buyer and their story has major impact on how the seller views your offer. With full transparency, a buyer love letter is not likely to overcome the "lowball offer" or any other terms that are borderline offensive to the seller. However, it could be the difference between your offer being accepted and another family getting to enjoy the years in the home of YOUR dreams.

Begin to formulate the story you would tell to sellers now. When you have found the home that you want to own- take this step seriously. It is one thing you can do to help me appeal to the seller and bring attention to your offer.

Feel free to use this hypothetical letter as an example in how to appeal to the seller's emotional side:


My name is Kristen, and I share my life and current home with Grant, my husband of five years, Will, our 17 month old son, and Chet, our cairn terrier. Grant and I are both designers who have a passion for all things beautiful and while our careers focus on graphic design, we also share a passion for interior design and home renovation. We have put a lot of time and love into our current home in Fort Wright, KY, and enjoy every moment we spend there as a family.

In 2009, while looking for our first home together, my, then fianceĢ and I found ourselves on the South side of the Ohio River, somewhere we never thought we’d live. I was raised in Northeast Ohio and my husband was raised in the Kenwood area of Cincinnati, but we found that Fort Wright was the perfect mix of city life, since we both work in downtown Cincinnati, and the suburbs in which we want to raise a family. We closed on our home in Fort Wright two weeks after our wedding in October 2009. We instantly fell in love with Northern Kentucky.

In the Spring of 2013, we were blessed with a little boy. He filled our home with so much more love and so much more stuff. And every since he was born, we’ve been imagining our future and how to make the best life for him and his future siblings. We found that our short commute afforded us more time with our family and we were lucky enough to find a daycare in Covington that all three of us absolutely love. With our love of Northern Kentucky driving our future, we began looking at schools. As I’m sure you know, at the top of the list, popped up Beechwood as number 1, 10 out of 10 in just about every chart, article and list that you can find. Therefore, we began to feel that Fort Mitchell was the next, logical step for us.

When driving up and down the streets of Fort Mitchell, it feels like home. Neighbors wave, even if they don’t know you. I can picture my son learning to ride his bike up and down the tree lined streets and meeting up with friends. It’s the type of community, neighborhood and school district we’ve always dreamed about.

We identified several homes in Ft. Mitchell that fit a great deal of our criteria in regards to location, size and curb appeal. Your home is one of only forty that we selected. We would be so appreciative if you would consider the idea of selling your home to us, should it be a good fit. We have a lot of flexibility and are not needing to move immediately.

Thank you so much for your time.

Mr & Mrs Buyer
Son Will and Chet The Wonderdog


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