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Dated: 06/26/2018

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Ten reasons we’ve loved living here…...

Although we are glad to be moving near family again, we will miss our “little green house” and all the memories that we have made on Crestview Place. These are a few items that don’t fit on a listing description, but they are just as important as the square footage and house type. Even though this house is small, it has big possibilities. We hope that someone will enjoy living here as much as we did.
1. NEIGHBORS. Who can ask for better neighbors than a guidance counselor, teacher, nurse, architect, IT professionals, marketing and event planners, and an electrician? We’ve loved the seven years that we’ve spent here and all the football, birthday, and holiday parties. My husband and I are from Alabama and Mississippi, and it was such a great street because everyone made us feel welcome.Our neighbors became our family away from home. Everyone watches out for each other—from getting the mail and watering flowers while we were on vacation, to mowing the side yards for each other.
2. STREET. It’s been great to live on a cul-de-sac street, and we’ve always felt safe here. We always had plenty of parking and the dead end ensured that we did not have through traffic. It was unusual to have much traffic on the street other than people who live on Crestview.
3. OUTDOOR SPACE. Our “sunroom” was one of our favorite places to spend time in late spring through early fall. The windows and skylight make it feel like you are outside, and the wooded back yard makes you feel like you are in your own private setting (after the snow melts, of course). Planting a few flowers and keeping the ivy trimmed back is all it took to make the backyard lovely.
4. FRONT PORCH. The summer sun comes in on the front porch, and it’s a great place to read a book or have a drink to end your day. So many houses lack this feature, and we were happy to find a house that had a front porch.
5. BASEMENT. Being from the Southeastern United States, it was awesome to have all the storage space and a workbench and exercise area. It was also a great place to hide old, ugly furniture (and your spouse’s stuff that you don’t like).
6. DOWNTOWN ACCESS. You can get downtown in less than 15 minutes for work or entertainment.
7. COST OF LIVING. Our heating and cooling bills were comparable to those of an energy efficient home. Have you seen the insulation in our attic???
8. LIGHT. Great natural light during the daytime, especially in the living room, kitchen, and sunroom.
9. FLOORS. Vacuum occasionally and wax twice a year, and they look great.
10. VINTAGE CHARM. From the original cabinets to the bath tile and the marble window sills, thishouse has tons of character and great bones, and we’ve loved its retro charm.
Happy House Hunting, Chad and Andréa

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LOVE Letters

Ten reasons we’ve loved living here…...Although we are glad to be moving near family again, we will miss our “little green house” and all the memories that we have made on Crestview Place.

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