Not Enough Homes For Sale in Shiawassee County
June 2, 2017 | Jeff McIntyre
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While I enjoyed a little air time yesterday on ABC12, the reason for the interview was a topic that I have been talking about for close to a year now. Listing inventory is low in Shiawassee County. I could talk all day about the reasons I think that is happening, but the more important fact is that NOW IS THE TIME TO GET YOUR HOME ON THE MARKET.
Interest rates are still at record lows.

Still. We have been talking about record low interest rates since 2009 or even earlier. At that time they had dipped down below 7%. We were ecstatic about those numbers. As of the time of this post (2/19/15), interest rates on a 30 year fixed mortgage can still be had for around 4%.

Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership
The SEDP has been working diligently to bring jobs to Shiawassee County and has been quite successful on a number of levels. Couple low interest rates with the improving overall economic numbers and improving employment opportunities and what do we have?

I am hearing a few reports of agents not agreeing with my assessment of the market conditions. If that is your agent…well, my number is 989.277.3510. Call or text me any time.

If you are interested in discussing market conditions and how they may be specifically affecting your home, please five me a call at 989.277.3510.

To be contacted about benefiting from the most effective and innovative marketing plan in Mid-Michigan please visit the following link and leave your contact information and I guarantee a Rapid Response®:

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