Someone To Look Up To
October 7, 2013 | Jeff McIntyre
It seems like too often these days young girls struggle to find a suitable role model. In the big picture, I may or may not be qualified to discuss this topic. I am, however, the father of two young and beautiful daughters. So the topic is important to me- qualified or not.For quite some time, my girls have looked up to their (my) cousin Jordan. She has always been interested in them and what they are doing and genuinely cares. Jordan and my oldest daughter are almost five years apart in age. Like their cousin; my daughters are athletes, dancers, hard working students, and work real hard at being a good friend and they realize how important family is. Jordan has always been an example of all those things for my girls to see.

Just last week, Jordan asked my girls and I to take part in some homecoming festivities with her. Jordan was nominated to Owosso High School’s Homecoming Court and asked us to drive her during the parade. My girls were extremely excited and I was just as honored to have some sort of role in her evening.

We witnessed firsthand just how humble Jordan is. Just about every block along the parade route was filled with people who knew Jordan and called out to her by name to tell her how beautiful she is and that they hope she wins Homecoming Queen. She handled it with an impressive level of humility and grace. Often times, all she could do was laugh with a huge smile on her face and give a soft spoken “thank you”.

Getting her into the stadium proved to be more difficult than any of us had hoped for (maybe I will share that story some other time), but it was all well worth it when Jordan was, in fact, presented as Owosso’s 2013 Homecoming Queen. Once again she handled it with grace.

Anxious to see her and share our excitement with her; we were forced to wait until after the game near the field to do so. When we found her, she was sharing her crown with mobs of younger girls so they could have their picture taken with the queen while they wore her crown. She offered her crown to every one of these young girls.  Most of these  girls (and definitely some boys too!) were in absolute awe of the queen. She spent the entire second half of the football game
sharing her crown and having pictures taken with what seems like at least 500 young girls who look up to her.

I couldn’t be more proud that my two girls (pictured with the Queen) have women like their mother, their grandmothers, aunts, and cousins (lots of them) like Jordan to look up to.  They will never need to look farther than our own family to see the kind of women they can and should aspire to be.

I believe there is a special kind of impact that Jordan has had on my girls, though. Being closer in age to my girls; they can identify with what she has done in the recent past and what she is doing right now. She has always reached out to them, included them, and made them feel special because she cares.

Why did I have to write and ramble on about all of this? Because it matters to me…and I am proud!

–Gotta Get Movin’

Jeff McIntyre


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