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April 24, 2017 | Jeff McIntyre
The content below is a repost from my blog that I published on July 9, 2013. The message still applies almost 4 years later:

The world is changing.  Technology and innovation have fostered so much change over the past decade that it is hard to accurately recount exactly how much our lives have changed because of electronics and mobile technology. Those that have not embraced the change in nearly every facet of their life are starting to feel a little left out. world tech
Before I start bragging about how I have always adapted my business to and even been ahead of the technology curve, I want to preface my bragging by saying that there is still plenty of room in this world for the good ol’ “belly to belly” sales calls, sitting in an office with a client, and going out and shaking hands. Without question, we need to be good “people people” to be able to survive in a sales and customer service industry. For the rest of my life and the rest of my career I will be continually looking to sharpen those skills and will always be looking to meet new people.
To effectively handle the business that we gain from all of the prospecting, networking, and socializing we do- we absolutely NEED to have effective business systems. I can promise you that this fact alone sets me apart from the majority of my competition but that’s a topic for a more  private post.
In this day and age it comes down to this fact: If your agent still has files and stacks of paper all over his/her desk and if your agent still “has to get back to their office” to send you listing information or any document- your agent’s effective days in this business are numbered. Being mobile and paperless means being able to respond to the demands of the market. Those consumers want their demands met RIGHT NOW!
With the effective use of technology and business systems, myself or someone from my team can get you the information you are looking for RIGHT NOW.
Why It Matters
TIME IS OF  THE ESSENCE. Information is available at the fingertips of every consumer. If the one piece of information they need an agent for can’t be delivered RIGHT NOW, they will call someone else to get them what they need. My sellers deserve an agent that will effectively and efficiently respond to inquiries on their property.
Silly CopierTime is EVERYTHING while negotiating a transaction. Good listings sell fast. Waiting on copy machines, scanners, and faxes could be the difference between purchasing your dream home and starting all over again in your search for THE perfect house. My buyers deserve an agent that will respond quickly to their requests for information on homes and an agent that will be able to deliver an offer in an expedient manner.
Being completely mobile and being completely paperless means my clients get what they deserve from their agent. I always have my “files” with me. I always have the power of the MLS with me. I always have the full information on my listings with me. I am ALWAYS in a position to take care of my customers efficiently and effectively.
If you want to see how I can put my systems to work for your benefit call me, text me, or mail me anytime. Or the next time we run into each other while getting groceries, dining out, or volunteering- ask me about it or put me to the test!

–Gotta Get Movin’

Jeff McIntyre


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