7 Day Marketing Promise
March 31, 2017 | Jeff McIntyre
What is the 7 Day Marketing Promise?

Selling your home in 2 days (as an example) is only good for two people- the buyer and the listing agent (ME). You hear and read about a lot of real estate agents bragging about the fact that they sold a home in 0.00032 seconds, but think about that for a second. Even if there were multiple offers in that short amount of time- how can you be sure that EVERY buyer out there got the chance to see your home?

Protecting Your Home’s Value and Your Money

When a home sells in 2 days we have no idea if there are other buyers out there that didn’t get a chance to see that home. One of those buyers could have been willing to pay more than the first buyer through the gate at 0.00032 seconds.The more people that get the chance to see your house- the more likely that we will get TOP DOLLAR.

Brand Recognition

When buyers see the 7 Day Marketing Promise stamped on  select** Jeff McIntyre Real Estate Sales Team listings they will know and trust that they will get fair opportunity to view the home and have the chance to prepare an offer. Building that kind of trust and rapport with a buyer before they have even stepped foot in your home puts impending negotiations at a lower level of stress and anxiety.  

Listing Marketing

The 7 Day Marketing Promise is another great way to stand out from the other homes on the market.

A positive side effect of the 7 day waiting period is that we are more likely  to garner MULTIPLE OFFERS on your home. This puts you in a great position and will ENSURE that you achieve the absolute MOST $$$ the market will bear for your home. 

Good For Buyers?

Absolutely.Ever call on a brand new listing only to find out that it is ALREADY SOLD? How? It JUST came on the market! You didn’t even get a chance to ask the price!

Enter: The 7 Day Marketing Promise exclusively available on select homes listed with the Jeff McIntyre Real Estate Sales Team.

When a home sells the same day as it was listed it seems unfair. Not every house hunter’s schedule allows them to drop what they are doing to go see the latest and greatest listing to hit the market.

When you see the 7 Day Marketing Promise stamped on a listing- you’ll know and trust that you will get fair opportunity to view the home and have the chance to prepare an offer for the seller.

What’s the Catch?

No Catch. The only difference in 7 Day Marketing Promise than any other listing is your commitment to wait the full seven days before responding to offers. With that being said; if we receive a perfect offer inside of that 7 day period you still reserve the right to entertain, respond to, or accept that offer.

**Not all homes will qualify for the 7 Day Marketing Promise. In some cases, our target buyers may not even be reasonably reachable within a 7 day period. Homes with uncontrollable objections like: flood plains, major traffic/highways, niche homes, and homes that would be priced more than three times the local average sales price are examples of homes that are very likely to require more extensive and longer term marketing strategies. 

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